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About Ferret Beds UK

Your Creatures Comfort, is our Business!

Here at Ferret Beds UK it is our experience, gained over a number of years in caring for Ferrets and other small animals through rescuing, that we have realised there is a distinct lack of sleep & play items available to us through most of the big, and small pet stores.

Those that are available are of a generic nature, and not specific to any one animal and are generally expensive, and with everyone watching their pennies these days, who doesn’t love a bargain.

This has led to us developing, and creating our own homemade items that are generally bigger than those that are available in these outlets, and almost certainly of a better quality material, and at a cheaper cost to your pocket.

We strive to ensure that these items are better suited to the animal, therefore guaranteeing hours of fun and rest for the animal, which in turn promotes a healthy pet and a very happy owner.


A Digital Agency

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Forward Thinking

FerretBedsUk favouring progressive innovation and development.

Problem Solvers

From the moment you buy Ferret beds or request tailor made requirements from us, we focus on the problem as stated and try to synthesize the information and knowledge, to achieve a custom practical solution to your product.

Customer Support

Our customer support applies the principles of great customer service in helping to resolve problems, assist with decisions, but in addition also functions as Sales, Tech support, and strives to deliver great customer satisfaction with our products.

Our Story

Ferret Beds Uk has been re-invented following our previous success a number of years ago with online sales. This success was gained from rescuing these furry bundles of fun, and recognising there was no suitable products on the market for sleep or play. With this in mind we design and hand make a number of products in the softest and warmest materials available, that will keep your pets warm in all seasons. When you buy ferret beds from us, you can be assured that they have been designed, and tested for this specific pet. They are larger than most other generic types available within shops on the high street, and we have sold many of these Sets/Bundles online, with great feedback.

So be sure to buy ferret beds from us, and be assured that you are purchasing quality products at low prices!



Collections Officer

I am the one that comes to collect any outstanding invoices. I am paid extremely well with Denta Sticks and other treats, and if I have nothing to collect then I get to play with my Ball and my friends.



Product Tester

I am the Product Tester for all the products that are made and developed. I was awarded this role due to my boisterous nature, and my fascination of testing the robustness of anything that I find laying around. I am rewarded for my efforts with lots of toys to play with, and of course all the food I can eat. I am such a happy and often mischievous little guy, and I love nothing better than completing my role whilst playing with my friends.



Quality Control

My name is Bilbo and I am responsible for testing out all those lovely Beds, Hammocks and Tents you guys buy. Unlike my brother I am not as boisterous or destructive as him, and love nothing more than testing out these great ferret beds. the soft inner linings are so snuggly and warm that I just like to sleep. Don’t get me wrong I love to play as much as my brother, but I also love to snuggle up with my human and have lots of cuddles.

I love my Job!