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We are pleased that you have decided to browse our products. We have been involved in the care and rescue of Ferrets for a number of years. Ferret Beds UK have found sleep and play items for these fantastic little animals hard to buy from local retail stores, and most do not even stock items for these little bundles of fun. Instead you would generally have to buy products labelled or designed for other animals such as hamsters or rats, and as such they are not generally big enough.

As you will see the ferret beds, tents and play tubes, that we specifically make are done with this in mind, and are larger than you would generally be able to purchase in the local shops and at a fraction of the cost. They are made from a better quality fabric, as they are homemade and not mass produced in a factory in another country, these are all made in the UK.

If you decide to buy ferret beds from us, we hope that you and your pets will enjoy hours of fun with our products. If you should experience any problems with the products from ferret beds UK, then we would be only too happy to assist in rectifying the fault.

We would appreciate that you leave us feedback as soon as you receive your ferret beds from us, as this will help us with keeping our testimonials up to date on our website. You can email us your feedback at [email protected]

Ferret Beds UK would like to Thank You again for taking the time to browse our products, and we look forward to your custom in the future.